the voice – our most humanistic feature

Students give me the greatest gift by trusting me with the instruments that reside in their bodies. It is my responsibility to approach instruction with attention and integrity, always cognizant of the students’ vulnerabilities in placing their voices in my care. I do this by creating a safe space in my studio; I make myself accessible as a human being and respect their humanity as well, honoring who they are and what they bring to the experience. I have worked with students of varied ages, cultures, genders, transitioning gender identities, sexual orientations, races, students with learning disabilities, and students with varied levels of skill. I strive always to meet my students where they are in their lives and abilities to help them grow as singers and as people.

It is vital for a singer to understand their voice: solid knowledge of vocal technique helps to remove much of the mystery from this hidden instrument and allows students to rely on skill and craft to realize the tasks expected of them when performing. This is accomplished by focusing on evidence-based voice science and pedagogy in every lesson and studio class, encompassing respiration, phonation, resonance, articulation, all while simultaneously encouraging connected communication through dramatic interpretation of the literature.

Vocal health is often misunderstood and underwhelmingly emphasized in higher education curricula, to the detriment of many young singers. My objective is to arm vocal athletes with accurate information to maintain their vocal health, prevent vocal injury, and get on the rapid path to healing when their voices are compromised. With appropriate medical oversight, I have worked with singers recovering from a variety of vocal pathologies. With student/teacher collaboration and medical supervision, we have successfully navigated our way back to healthy vocalism and continued professional achievement. Instructing singers in vocal health and healthy vocalism in any genre is my passion, which I am lucky enough to continue to pursue.





Voice Teacher




Vocal Habilitation

baylor university

Assistant Professor of Voice

Applied Voice for Graduate and Undergraduate Levels
German Lyric Diction
Independent Study – Voice Research


doctor of musical arts

summa cum laude

The Ohio State University

School of Music

master of music

summa cum laude

University of Houston

Moores School of Music

bachelor of music

summa cum laude

University of Missouri

Kansas City Conservatory of Music

professional memberships


Pan American Vocology Association


National Association of Teachers of Singing


Texas Music Educators Association

Seagle Festival Alumni association

Member since 2017, Vice President since 2022


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